Fuel progress

Vision and mission

FMO finances entrepreneurs in developing countries because we believe that a thriving private sector fuels economic and social progress.

Entrepreneurship is key into creating sustainable economic growth and improving people's living standards. We invest capital and knowledge in companies, financial institutions and projects. We do it with an ultimate goal: to empower people to employ their skills and improve their own quality of life.

We share with our clients a commitment to growing a healthy private sector in developing countries. This is how lasting development impact is generated. In practice, these entrepreneurs create jobs. By employing people to manufacture products and services, they provide income, pay taxes and improve living standards. Higher living standards including paying taxes leads to a real demand for schools and healthcare. This is the basis of a viable local - and national - economy.

Together with our global network, FMO offers capital and knowledge to ambitious, sustainability focused entrepreneurs and institutions in crucial sectors - so that today's challenging markets can become tomorrow's thriving ones.