KPMG report – Marco Frikkee

I am Marco Frikkee, partner at KPMG Accountants in the Netherlands. I am the responsible partner for the Audit of FMO's Financial statements and the review of the Management Board report over 2011.

FMO's Annual Report is an integrated annual and sustainability report, on which KPMG performs a review. As a consequence of that integration, we have an integrated Assurance approach. That is why KPMG operates with a multidisciplinary team with experts on financial and sustainability topics.

For FMO, sustainability forms an integral part of its strategic, tactical and operational goals and procedures. It is therefore, that sustainability is fully integrated in the Annual Board Report.

As of 2010, FMO has a combined assurance opinion for both the Management Board Report and the Financial Statements. This combined opinion is signed by one KPMG partner.

You should be aware that on the Financial Statements a reasonable level of assurance has been issued, whereas a limited level of assurance was provided on the Report of the Management Board.

I am pleased to refer you to the Auditor's Report for more detailed information.