Access to Energy Fund (AEF)

The AEF invests in private sector projects that create sustainable access to energy services in the developing world. It has the target of providing 2.1 million people with access to energy before 2016. Already, an estimated 2.3 million people in Latin America, Africa and Asia will have obtained access to energy through the AEF financing, when all projects in the portfolio are completed. In many cases the fund acts as a facilitator or catalyst for the development of energy projects by providing highly needed risk capital

In 2011, FMO contracted €16 million through the AEF. Total disbursements in 2011 were €6 million. One example in this annual report is KivuWatt. This pioneering 26.2MW power plant in Rwanda runs on the methane gasses extracted from Lake Kivu. Not only will access to energy be created, but the danger of the methane gasses exploding and causing accidents will also be reduced.