Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF)

The IDF fund provides long-term financing for private sector infrastructure projects in developing countries. In many cases the fund acts as a facilitator / catalyst for the development of infrastructure projects by providing highly needed risk capital.

As the Fund's role in infrastructure markets is to absorb high risk in order to facilitate financing, it is also the IDF's policy to transfer or sell its stake in an investment once the risk profile has improved. The fund has a committed portfolio of €316 million. FMO invested €36 million in 2011. Total new commitments in 2011 were €52 million.

Through the IDF we disbursed US $15 million in Rift Valley Railways, a railway rehabilitation project in Kenya and Uganda connecting the port of Mombasa with the capital cities of Nairobi and Kampala. Another example is the US$20 million financing for the KivuWatt project co-financed with AEF.