Workplace health

FMO strives to offer a healthy working environment. While the outstanding engagement of our staff is one of our strengths, it can potentially lead to stress or illness. In early 2011, we noticed an increase of absenteeism. Therefore we started to raise awareness among managers through workshops on identifying early warning signs of burnout and stress, as a preventative measure.

We encourage our employees to reduce their holiday reservoir and to take their holiday leave during the year it is allocated. Due to this, more employees took sabbaticals and extended leave in 2011 than in previous years.

Many employees travel to our clients around the globe, and we introduced a renewed travel safety policy in 2011 to provide support and useful tips for these employees. This policy covers everything from how to apply for a business trip, to the medical and safety aspects and regulations one should be aware of when travelling in particular countries.

We have an in-house emergency response team. Every member of this team is certified in providing first aid and has been trained in coordinating emergency evacuations and fighting small fires. Currently almost 20 people are certified and an additional group of more than 20 employees are assigned to provide support in case of an evacuation.

FMO promotes health in the workplace by offering staff sports events throughout the year and by providing healthy options in the company restaurant. In 2011 a team of FMO employees participated in the Roparun for the first time. This is a charity run from Paris to Rotterdam, raising funds for cancer research.  In 2012 FMO will participate again.