Works’ Council

The Works' Council represents all FMO employees and is an important platform for interaction with senior management, giving employees a voice and the chance to influence the organization.

As is customary, the Works' Council held six formal meetings with the Management Board during 2011, providing advice and employee input on various issues. The main topics addressed included:

  • the establishment of the joint office in Johannesburg;
  • the creation of the new focus sector Agribusiness, food & water;
  • staff diversity;
  • renewed travel safety policy;
  • the implementation of a dress code;
  • the possibilities of the new way of working at FMO.

The Works' Council also held two meetings according to article 24 WOR. One attended by Jean Frijns, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and one attended by Agnes Jongerius, member of the Supervisory Board.

In addition to the formal meetings, the Works' Council also exchanged ideas with senior management at several informal gatherings.

The Works' Council comprises nine members. Changes in 2011 included the replacement of  Tom van Duijn, Arnaud Dukker, Willem van Leeuwen (secretary), Eva Failé, Marieke Roestenburg and Puck Hegeman (Vice-chairman), who are succeeded by Brendon Schur, Chantal Schrijver, Gemma Verhoeven (secretary), Laurens-Jan Portegies, Nico Mensink and Pleun Verhagen. The other members are Edgard Creemers (Chairman), Eva van den Heuvel (Vice-chairman) and Marijn Wiersma.