ESG developments

A clear reflection of our move towards more development-oriented private equity investments was the fact that private equity production last year had the highest EDIS of all FMO's teams. And as the world moves towards nine billion inhabitants by 2050, we are seeing private equity fund managers pursuing bigger demography-related themes such as consumption needs of the growing middle class or scarcity of natural resources.

We updated our ESG toolkit for private equity fund managers in 2011. This very practical instrument allows fund managers to obtain an overview of all relevant ESG risks and see links to relevant policies when they input a sector and country. The system also shows potential opportunities applicable to specific types of investments.

After harmonizing our ESG approach for private equity funds together with other members of the European Development Finance Institutions group in 2010, we last year took this further and started investigations regarding harmonizing ESG reporting requirements. We acquired and used a management simulation game around decisions such as pollution prevention.  The E&S specialists in FMO's private equity team were trained to lead such games and used it to raise awareness and trigger discussion at events such as our Nairobi fund manager seminar.