Partnership Opportunities

Last year we intensified our relationship with our German and French counterparts, DEG and Proparco. Together, we streamlined our processes and drafted operational guidelines. This facility agreement, together with our agreement to establish a joint office with DEG in Johannesburg and our planned creation of a joint agricultural initiative, are all part of a strategic partnership that will lead to more efficiency for our clients.

Our 2010 cooperation agreements with the International Finance Corporation, which included standardized common terms of agreement for joint transactions, paid off in the form of closer collaboration in 2011.

We fully committed €45 million from our risk sharing program with BIO, our Belgian counterpart. Both parties were very satisfied with the cooperation and signed an additional agreement for 2012 and beyond, committing to co-invest an additional €60 million.

We closed two transactions with Standard Chartered, a bank with whom we have good contacts and whose markets overlap promisingly with our own. We wish to cooperate even more closely with this partner in 2012 and beyond.