Embedding ESG

In 2011, FMO took steps to further embed sustainability in the organization. Board members sought to enhance awareness of the importance of embedding sustainability by addressing ESG issues, and stressing FMO's commitment to sustainability, in presentations and speeches at quarterly staff meetings.

The management team of our Financial Institutions department successfully concluded the three-week United Nations Environment Program training. Through training offered by FMO,  employees participated either in corporate governance or ESG training.

FMO appointed 2 new Environmental and Social (E&S) specialists, making sure every front office department has at least one ESG expert available to advise staff on client-related ESG issues. The total number of E&S specialists at FMO increased to 13 FTE from 11.

Our ESG criteria including for example human rights issues are embedded in our investment criteria and exclusion list. These are available on our website.   

Our goal for 2012 is to further embed corporate governance into FMO's own processes.