Selection, appointment, remuneration committee

This committee handles proposals regarding the appointment and reappointment of Supervisory and Management Board members, as well as monitoring the remuneration policy, proposing adjustments and giving advice on the remuneration of individual Management Board members.

After the retirement of Willy Angenent, the Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee comprised Dolf Collee (Chairman), Jean Frijns and Agnes Jongerius.

In 2011, this Committee met three times; the CEO and Director of Human Resources joined these meetings. Among the key issues discussed were succession planning and management development.

Furthermore, much time was spent on regulation around remuneration and bringing FMO practices and procedures into line with these regulations. The Committee takes the lead in setting the targets for the Management Board and in monitoring its progress. At least once a year a formal evaluation of the Management Board members is undertaken. On an annual basis the committee discusses with the Management Board the HR policy for FMO, including staff mobility and career patterns.